Sunday, August 10, 2008

early fall vibes

yes, it may only be august, but today i am definitely feeling a fall vibe, seeing as it's about 65 degrees, cloudy, and drizzly. it just has that distinct fall scent, you know?
anyway, all that fall-ness has gotten me thinking a lot about my fall wardrobe. one thing i'm definitely going to try to grab are these minnetonka boots:

other than those, i'm looking out for a cute-but-cheap pair of plain black flat riding boots... it's looking pretty much impossible to find a pair under $150! ag. the pain of being pretty much broke. on the flip side of the shoe story, i absolutely love these booties at forever 21...
yeah, these are about $25. a bit more on my side of the budget spectrum (i.e., one that doesn't exist, pre se).
ok well i've got to run, this was technically a break from the tedium of studying for the health testout - tomorrow! (plus, tomorrow's the first official Xc practice and i haven't run in 3 days... *sigh*)

~ r

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