Tuesday, August 12, 2008

today: running, rummage, and sycophantness

yeah we did a 5x5x5 workout today.... ag(ony). no water + heat + seeing spots on the way back = fun????
rummage sale twice today, both times ehhh on the fun scale. first time: picked up some cool scarves and some (teehee) funny lookin' red/white sweater-stocking-sock-boots that megan totally made me take. they're funny. (picture to come...)
2nd time, J and A were being sort of stupid acting, like laughing at people and ignoring other people and generally being annoying. so yeah. and later, J made this huge deal about trying to get me not to go to precamp 2mrw + thurs. which i am. after talking to about 50 people (more like 7, lol) i decided to take... drumroll please... BOTH instruments to camp tomorrow, b/c i still need to talk to sutton and people about what i'm actually going to do. per se. QED. etc.
and finally I emailed mrs foyle about presenting my thing anyway. *cross fingers*

SO TIREDly yours,

~ r

ps: and OH! J and A brought up V... again. why can't they just let that be?? it's not like i'm still in love with the guy, but its not nice to call people gay when they're obviously not. but if i deny that, they'll think i like him. AG. freaking immature, in my opinion.

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