Wednesday, August 6, 2008


yes, i had a successful shopping trip... albeit a short, fevered power shop experience! it was still great fun, with rewards...
our first stop was forever21, where i would have loved to spend more time but C was in a bit of a hurry, so i ended up getting a cute sweater/shirt top, a brownish tribal scarf, and a white/gold locket necklace... i forget the order, but we went to:
forever21 - top, necklace, scarf
icing - brown knit beret (plus wanted wayfarer glasses, but was sadly running out of cash)
borders - nothing
mrs. fields (yum!!) - 2 fudgey chocolate cookies, a plain choc. chip cookie, and a tiara princess cookie
aeropostale - OWL SWEATER!!!
umm, i think that's it. (we were only there 1 1/2 hours!)
we got some cookies at mrs fields - double chocolate fudge sort of things, which were totally heavenly and completely annihilated any running i did; plus some tiara princessy cookies which were delish. at icing, i got a brown knit beret, and tried on some wayfarer-esque glasses ($12) but i was out of cash at that point, pretty much, (the cashier could tell we were bffs due to our incessant chatter and friendly arguing, which was cool). at aero, i *finally* got my owl sweater, and turned down a blouse which was pretty cute but also about $35... :( oh well. i still need money from the parentals... but with band camp, precamp, health, and all the YG events, i dont know when/if i'll have any more time to shop!! AHHH!!!
after the shopping spree, we headed (very hyperly and excited and girly, lol) to YG... waaaay late. we made an entrance, sort of - i had my scarf and hat on, and C had her green bag (!!) that she got at icing. it was super fun. then A and i ate ice... there was a lot of eye messaging going on between C and matt.... then, at the end, they hugged. (well, M hugged C mostly, but she def. didn't refuse it... plus they were off in the dark for a while, MIA... C came back all out of breath. from "running." then she wanted to go home with him... ag. that girl is soo.... but i love her anyway. :)
*sigh* ok, i think that's about it... it's getting late-ish, and there's a coffee shop run tomorrow. hope carney doesn't make us die again.

~ r

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