Sunday, August 3, 2008

back from the homestead

so nothing much to report from my visit to the underworld - that is, western PA - except at a family picnic, about 15 pothead teens got interviewed by the cops for drinking strong liquor and hotboxing (where then keep the windows up and basically make a pot sauna in their car). real smart, these kids. the rest of us were discussing working at the bank, college, and photography.
i did get to drive about 3 1/2 hours - to my apprehensive delight and the rest of the family's dismay. i only drove through 2 stop signs and one intersection, and only ONCE was i almost crushed by a tanker truck that swerved out in front of me on the highway going 75 mph... in front of a cop. smart move, buddy. i didn't get any tickets, which is good because we're not sure if my permit is legal in other states. oops!
on the way back, i basically designed and slept. very productive. upon our return, i ran 3 miles (woo hoo) and watched sisterhood/pants and princess diaries 2. actually, i'm off to get a dose of colbert - hilarious, truly hilarious. arrivederci!

~ r

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