Saturday, August 9, 2008

party overview: short version

mmk, so basically we ate pizza, rented some movies, didn't go to the beach, ate ice cream, watched no reservations and sydney white, then C and i stayed up and started watching mad money... C fell asleep, i stayed up till almost the end. i went to sleep around 3:30, i think. oh yeah, we also called J around 1:30 or so. he seemed very happy/awake... teehee.
in the morning, we ate lots of waffley foods and whipped cream, and went on a walk, then went to the beach even though it was about 69 degrees and cloudy, and sometimes drizzly. we swam (sort of) for a little bit, then went on the sand. when a very large cloud came, M & M (ha ha) left, and C and i stayed on to run around, make a sand castle/bump, and find 31 clamish things. (we named a few: janice, phillip, jillian, frederick...) then we came back, ate, and sat around and talked for like an hour. we ate yummy brownies and played disney songs on the piano. C and i danced funny in the living room. then i departed and the party was o-v-e-r. lol. spent the rest of the day sort of studying health (MONDAY!!), thinking/worrying about band camps, and going to mass then BWW (loud but good, but smoky. bumper sticker: "i'm only speeding because i have to poop"). yeah, so mature. came back, studied a bit, read breaking dawn. i'm off to bed now, toodles. :)

sleepily yours,
~ r

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