Wednesday, August 27, 2008

sore, worn out, tired, exhausted... and content :)

oui, au'jourd'hui was simply superb... registration itself was blah - my picture turned out all red, so i'm going to get retakes, maybe - but hanging out with steve, chris, devin, kyle and emmi was such fun (to be british). charlie, katie and annie came a bit later too. quick list of some of the highlights:
- salt & pepper frosty (EEW), then salt on devin's straw
- burping @ wendy's
- devin's kite
- spray bottle!

- sutton's office is demanified... aka, pinkified. (complete with balloons and confetti)
- i had trouble getting back onto my bike (b/c i rode there after kyle dropped me off at home...)
- "annie!" "WHERE?!?!?!?"... "aaAAHHH!! pant pant pant!" "is that part of the handshake? the becca-dog thing?"
- finding lockers with A

yeah. it was FUN. as for xc this morning... *cringe* *OW*
it was supposed to be premeet (aka, 3-4 miles) but carney decided that we should run to the sod farm, do almost a mile of strides (my last one was great - he said i was a "zoomer"), play some ultimate frisbee, and run back. all that = OW. i am so damn SORE. my shoulders are too, from pushups the other day i think.

oh, while i'm thinking of it, classes i have with people:
essay & analysis = charlie (...)*
band (eventually) = pretty much everyone (lol)
history = a couple people
ehh i give up. entirely too much effort, this thinking business.

oh yes, izzy leaves for college tomorrow. it's going to be really weird/different around here now...

lastly, a quick Fall Fashion Outlook pour moi... i hope to go shopping soon, hopefully with C and A this weekend...

alrighty, i'm tired and out. toodles!
~ r

*more on this later...

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