Sunday, August 17, 2008

Party Report: Patti's

ok, it's way late and i'm way tired so this is going to be very fast...

patti's place
5-11 pm (but i got there at 6 due to running with D and K, and biking there - but missing the turn on the trail and being extra late)
funny stuff:
- i ran into a tree playing capture the flag
- we (the girls) quit and just sat around the fire talking
stuff that happened:
- J was being totally obnoxious and rude (particularly to me/michelle, as he has been of late).
- Z and i tried to tell him this, but he pretty much ignored/didn't believe us (that it was a group concensus)
- A, K, M, M and i all talked about J, and how annoying/obnoxious/rude/immature/ego-inflated he is/has become.
- apparently J is annoyed that i "don't take YG seriously enough anymore"/"aren't involved enough"... well, excuuuse me for not wanting to do the same stuff as him! or have a life... or run? hello? ag. oh well.
- oh, A thinks that's partially b/c he "doesn't want to lose our friendship"... HA. too late. and he "thinks that if i do YG more, that'll help." not bloody likely. i told her, the way he's been acting i don't want to hang out with him. ever. self-absorbed ego-on-legs thinks-he's-so-cool jerk.

lessee, i think that's about it.
TOTAL SWIMMING MILEAGE: ?? but about an hour

so i am supremely tired. but overall it was a good day. other than J being stupid.

peace and love and all that *jazz*,
~ r

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