Wednesday, August 27, 2008

sore, worn out, tired, exhausted... and content :)

oui, au'jourd'hui was simply superb... registration itself was blah - my picture turned out all red, so i'm going to get retakes, maybe - but hanging out with steve, chris, devin, kyle and emmi was such fun (to be british). charlie, katie and annie came a bit later too. quick list of some of the highlights:
- salt & pepper frosty (EEW), then salt on devin's straw
- burping @ wendy's
- devin's kite
- spray bottle!

- sutton's office is demanified... aka, pinkified. (complete with balloons and confetti)
- i had trouble getting back onto my bike (b/c i rode there after kyle dropped me off at home...)
- "annie!" "WHERE?!?!?!?"... "aaAAHHH!! pant pant pant!" "is that part of the handshake? the becca-dog thing?"
- finding lockers with A

yeah. it was FUN. as for xc this morning... *cringe* *OW*
it was supposed to be premeet (aka, 3-4 miles) but carney decided that we should run to the sod farm, do almost a mile of strides (my last one was great - he said i was a "zoomer"), play some ultimate frisbee, and run back. all that = OW. i am so damn SORE. my shoulders are too, from pushups the other day i think.

oh, while i'm thinking of it, classes i have with people:
essay & analysis = charlie (...)*
band (eventually) = pretty much everyone (lol)
history = a couple people
ehh i give up. entirely too much effort, this thinking business.

oh yes, izzy leaves for college tomorrow. it's going to be really weird/different around here now...

lastly, a quick Fall Fashion Outlook pour moi... i hope to go shopping soon, hopefully with C and A this weekend...

alrighty, i'm tired and out. toodles!
~ r

*more on this later...

Monday, August 25, 2008


for not posting sooner.

at all.

i just haven't had the chance to, which sounds like a totally lame excuse, but is actually quite, umm... verifiable? i don't know. anyway, this one won't be about band camp, but i'll get around to that soonish.
so today was excellent, the weather was *amazing*... i didn't wake up to run peach mtns, but i ran 4 and did a 3,2,1 workout (with jesse on skates). i got depressed after dinner though, about how slow/lazy/unmotivated i was about running/xc. also feeling a bit flabby. *sigh*
but i watched 27 dresses and had a bit of cookies n' cream ice cream (deeelish!), so james made me feel awlllll bettewr. :)

~ r

Sunday, August 17, 2008

night before...

ok so i am off to band camp tomorrow. that's all.
i packed, didn't run, and watched made of honor & 21 today.

~ r

Party Report: Patti's

ok, it's way late and i'm way tired so this is going to be very fast...

patti's place
5-11 pm (but i got there at 6 due to running with D and K, and biking there - but missing the turn on the trail and being extra late)
funny stuff:
- i ran into a tree playing capture the flag
- we (the girls) quit and just sat around the fire talking
stuff that happened:
- J was being totally obnoxious and rude (particularly to me/michelle, as he has been of late).
- Z and i tried to tell him this, but he pretty much ignored/didn't believe us (that it was a group concensus)
- A, K, M, M and i all talked about J, and how annoying/obnoxious/rude/immature/ego-inflated he is/has become.
- apparently J is annoyed that i "don't take YG seriously enough anymore"/"aren't involved enough"... well, excuuuse me for not wanting to do the same stuff as him! or have a life... or run? hello? ag. oh well.
- oh, A thinks that's partially b/c he "doesn't want to lose our friendship"... HA. too late. and he "thinks that if i do YG more, that'll help." not bloody likely. i told her, the way he's been acting i don't want to hang out with him. ever. self-absorbed ego-on-legs thinks-he's-so-cool jerk.

lessee, i think that's about it.
TOTAL SWIMMING MILEAGE: ?? but about an hour

so i am supremely tired. but overall it was a good day. other than J being stupid.

peace and love and all that *jazz*,
~ r

Friday, August 15, 2008

Party Report: Sarah's

Time: 5-12
Location: S's place
Overall rating: great :)
Quotes and other Funny Happenings: fruit war, ice down my shirt = SCREAM, J tipping my chair, J and A on hammock, i ran into a tree (twice!)(but not the same tree), devin and charlie <3ing the queso dip, sand hill cranes mating (D and steve and charlie), staring at someone until they notice, "dumbledore dies!" "you are SO lucky i finished book #6... SOOoooo lucky..." (david/jon), me and caitlin: "EEEEEEE" on the chair, "they wouldn't notice if there was an earthquake." (me) "well, they'd be doing this-" (grindy motion) "-so i think they'd notice.", (J) "becca peed... ice!", more ice down my shirt. (me and cait, very loudly) "I KISSED A GIRL AND I LIIIIKED IT..."

umm can't think of much else. it's 12:16 now, and apparently me, K and D are running in the a.m. so i'd better peace out.
OH, me and mom went shopping. i got:
2 pashminas (peach and brown, orchid lane)
jeans (target, xclnt!)
navy sweatervest (target again)
creamish open sweater (target again^2)
white beret (guess again ^3)
gray bow sweater (f21)
convertible bra (f21)
blue/gray argyle sweater (f21)

checked aero for my blouse, but they only had mediums and larges... :(
also no run today. :( :(
ok now i'm out fo' real.

~ r

Thursday, August 14, 2008

did i post yesterday? i don't recall...

well at any rate, here i am now. so here goes.
umm, precamp (today and yesterday) was fine... today david had me drill our section b/c i squeezed the most toothpaste out of a tube AND won the march off. also they had me not do vocals b/c i was too loud to hear the freshmen over. :)
lets see... well my voice is quite hoarse. not too terrible, i guess, but to me it sounds funky. i got the lyre, strap, etc... today after precamp too.
ok well i am super tired. OH wait, dang it, the meeting. ok so there was the band meeting later, and not much happened...
1. J and A were acting all married-ish with jacob
2. K(irstyn) asked if they were going out (!)
3. tennis ball massages
4. K found my perfect massage spot... and i boob-thrusted in D and P's faces practically. D's eyes were about the same size as the tennis ball. it was funny.

ok, that's about it. no run today, but hopefully 2mrw before mass (agh) i'll run quick, like 3 or 4.

tiredly yours,
~ r

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

today: running, rummage, and sycophantness

yeah we did a 5x5x5 workout today.... ag(ony). no water + heat + seeing spots on the way back = fun????
rummage sale twice today, both times ehhh on the fun scale. first time: picked up some cool scarves and some (teehee) funny lookin' red/white sweater-stocking-sock-boots that megan totally made me take. they're funny. (picture to come...)
2nd time, J and A were being sort of stupid acting, like laughing at people and ignoring other people and generally being annoying. so yeah. and later, J made this huge deal about trying to get me not to go to precamp 2mrw + thurs. which i am. after talking to about 50 people (more like 7, lol) i decided to take... drumroll please... BOTH instruments to camp tomorrow, b/c i still need to talk to sutton and people about what i'm actually going to do. per se. QED. etc.
and finally I emailed mrs foyle about presenting my thing anyway. *cross fingers*

SO TIREDly yours,

~ r

ps: and OH! J and A brought up V... again. why can't they just let that be?? it's not like i'm still in love with the guy, but its not nice to call people gay when they're obviously not. but if i deny that, they'll think i like him. AG. freaking immature, in my opinion.

Monday, August 11, 2008

...and i was reckoned. by 2%.

yes folks that's right. i failed by 2%!!!!!! ag. plus i cried in the library, to my utter embarrassment, but i totally couldn't help it. aggg.
so i'm going to try to persuade mrs foyle (i think it was her) to let me present my thing anyway, b/c if i do it'd raise my grade enough to pass.
i think.
so yeah. then we ran - first official xc practice! - and i totally had NO ENERGY at all. i'd eaten, like, cereal and a banana and a hershey kiss before that. so i was pretty much starving. >:P
deep-dish pizza for dinner tho, which was good but now i'm swollen like a pregnant puffer fish.

disgustedly yours,
~ r

the day of reckoning has arrived

reckoning is such a funny word. anyway, yeah, the day has come to test our knowledge on the lovely subject of health. yippee. the testout's in 3 hrs, 15 mins, so i have about 3 hours to review. AG. if i dont pass i'm going to be so royally PISSED. plus i missed signup for segment 2... apparently it starts TODAY. grr. and i'll probably miss practice, and idk if i can go tomorrow b/c me and my mom might go *shopping*. yay :)
ok i'm outie.

~ r

Sunday, August 10, 2008

early fall vibes

yes, it may only be august, but today i am definitely feeling a fall vibe, seeing as it's about 65 degrees, cloudy, and drizzly. it just has that distinct fall scent, you know?
anyway, all that fall-ness has gotten me thinking a lot about my fall wardrobe. one thing i'm definitely going to try to grab are these minnetonka boots:

other than those, i'm looking out for a cute-but-cheap pair of plain black flat riding boots... it's looking pretty much impossible to find a pair under $150! ag. the pain of being pretty much broke. on the flip side of the shoe story, i absolutely love these booties at forever 21...
yeah, these are about $25. a bit more on my side of the budget spectrum (i.e., one that doesn't exist, pre se).
ok well i've got to run, this was technically a break from the tedium of studying for the health testout - tomorrow! (plus, tomorrow's the first official Xc practice and i haven't run in 3 days... *sigh*)

~ r

Saturday, August 9, 2008

party overview: short version

mmk, so basically we ate pizza, rented some movies, didn't go to the beach, ate ice cream, watched no reservations and sydney white, then C and i stayed up and started watching mad money... C fell asleep, i stayed up till almost the end. i went to sleep around 3:30, i think. oh yeah, we also called J around 1:30 or so. he seemed very happy/awake... teehee.
in the morning, we ate lots of waffley foods and whipped cream, and went on a walk, then went to the beach even though it was about 69 degrees and cloudy, and sometimes drizzly. we swam (sort of) for a little bit, then went on the sand. when a very large cloud came, M & M (ha ha) left, and C and i stayed on to run around, make a sand castle/bump, and find 31 clamish things. (we named a few: janice, phillip, jillian, frederick...) then we came back, ate, and sat around and talked for like an hour. we ate yummy brownies and played disney songs on the piano. C and i danced funny in the living room. then i departed and the party was o-v-e-r. lol. spent the rest of the day sort of studying health (MONDAY!!), thinking/worrying about band camps, and going to mass then BWW (loud but good, but smoky. bumper sticker: "i'm only speeding because i have to poop"). yeah, so mature. came back, studied a bit, read breaking dawn. i'm off to bed now, toodles. :)

sleepily yours,
~ r

Friday, August 8, 2008

ehh, is it the morning? dang.

yeah it's 12:13 am (ha ha)... jesse and i watched bourne identity and colbert... funny. except i ate lots of pretzels and now don't feel too super. so i'm verbally abusing J on facebook... an excellent pastime, if i do say so myself. lol.
speaking of J...
there appears to be some sort of... thing. with him and... another unnamed individual (female). more on that, if anything develops...
oh yeah. the YG olympics were today... i won the marshmallow launching from nostril competition, with a record 6'... the only one who came even a little close was J, who was like 2 feet away. A and i won 2nd place in the egg toss, and 1st in the egg race thing. there was also laying-in-puddles-in-the-street-while-it-rained-really-hard thing, which was fun, and sitting on whipped cream balloons, and a GIANT water fight at the end, which involved ice water, buckets, a hose, and stealing a key to sneak over and refill the buckets, only to have me turn around and see everyone looking and me, A, J, and michelle b. that was funny. K and i ended up not running.
ok i'm too tired so i'm outie.

~ r

Thursday, August 7, 2008

oh, the despair...

...of not having a job. or the money that comes from the job, anyway. *sigh* i have a feeling that if i had enough money, i could get everything i wanted, and then i could fully cultivate my personal style... ag. the stress is killing me! (oh, plus band camp + health + yg). yeah. AND i'm trying to decide on my fall hair cut... pressure!
my alarm didn't go off this morning, so i missed the run... but K and i are going to run after the YG olympics thing (woohoo...?) oh well. at any rate, back to the project.

~ r

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


yes, i had a successful shopping trip... albeit a short, fevered power shop experience! it was still great fun, with rewards...
our first stop was forever21, where i would have loved to spend more time but C was in a bit of a hurry, so i ended up getting a cute sweater/shirt top, a brownish tribal scarf, and a white/gold locket necklace... i forget the order, but we went to:
forever21 - top, necklace, scarf
icing - brown knit beret (plus wanted wayfarer glasses, but was sadly running out of cash)
borders - nothing
mrs. fields (yum!!) - 2 fudgey chocolate cookies, a plain choc. chip cookie, and a tiara princess cookie
aeropostale - OWL SWEATER!!!
umm, i think that's it. (we were only there 1 1/2 hours!)
we got some cookies at mrs fields - double chocolate fudge sort of things, which were totally heavenly and completely annihilated any running i did; plus some tiara princessy cookies which were delish. at icing, i got a brown knit beret, and tried on some wayfarer-esque glasses ($12) but i was out of cash at that point, pretty much, (the cashier could tell we were bffs due to our incessant chatter and friendly arguing, which was cool). at aero, i *finally* got my owl sweater, and turned down a blouse which was pretty cute but also about $35... :( oh well. i still need money from the parentals... but with band camp, precamp, health, and all the YG events, i dont know when/if i'll have any more time to shop!! AHHH!!!
after the shopping spree, we headed (very hyperly and excited and girly, lol) to YG... waaaay late. we made an entrance, sort of - i had my scarf and hat on, and C had her green bag (!!) that she got at icing. it was super fun. then A and i ate ice... there was a lot of eye messaging going on between C and matt.... then, at the end, they hugged. (well, M hugged C mostly, but she def. didn't refuse it... plus they were off in the dark for a while, MIA... C came back all out of breath. from "running." then she wanted to go home with him... ag. that girl is soo.... but i love her anyway. :)
*sigh* ok, i think that's about it... it's getting late-ish, and there's a coffee shop run tomorrow. hope carney doesn't make us die again.

~ r

long, brutal day ahead of me...

...although some of the brutal is behind me now - the 8 peach mtns we did, plus we took the long way back.
in a word, OW.
so now i'm sitting here thinking about lunch - i'm looking for yogurt of some kind - after which i'll buckle down to either:
A. health project
B. cleaning the bathroom
C. vacuuming my room
or D. hitting the beach again
all those things need to get done today, before i hit briarwood mall with C. hellooo, h&m and f21! i'm so happy. finally, shopping!
ok, well i can't be any longer on here - i have to find a shirt to throw on (which will be hard - most of my stuff's in the laundry. sigh.)

~ r

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

hanging in there...

"there" being the hell that is my health project/study time. AG. i am getting SO SICK of reading about tobacco marketing campaigns and the seemingly millions of laws and regulations made against very specific areas of tobacco ads. i seriously need a smoke. haha, not really. not at all, actually - that's totally disgusting and stupid and flat out gross. but anyway, i counteracted the sheer boredom by watching the last 2 episodes of BNTM and visiting M. we finalized this friday's plans for the super summer blowout-ish thing, and confirmed that she can't go shopping with me & C tomorrow... :( yeah, we're hitting the briarwood mall tomorrow (opting out of youth group - darn, we'll miss the big 'Sign Up For Stuff You Really Don't Want To Do!' shindig. i'm sure we'll survive somehow). i'm going to get a start for my BTS wardrobe... er, fall wardrobe actually. sounds much happier.
i also had a self-shoot today, even though it totally didn't really work at all. here's my product...

so far, i haven't had a chance to run, but i might. plus there's peach mtns tomorrow... yay, right? arrivederci!

~ r

Monday, August 4, 2008

fun en la soliel!

that's 'fun in the sun' for all you non-francais speakers! and yes, i did have lots of FITS today... although the first fun wasn't too sunny... that was running and hanging out with K until about noon... starting at 6:30 AM. yes, that ungodly hour when many people were just entering their third or fourth hours of sleep. we ran about 4 1/2 through many flies - i swear we sprinted about 3/4 a mile just to get away from them, evil things. then we proceeded to get stranded under a tree at the park while it rained. true, we could have walked home even in the rain, but ehh... we just weren't feeling it.
the second half of my day was much sunnier and fun(nier)...
M and i went down to the beach for a few hours, during which we tanned, compared butts, frizzed our hair, covered our toes in sand, got in the water slowly, ran in and jumped a bunch of different ways, ran on the beach, and generally had lots of fun. :)
but alas, now it's time to buckle down on this stupid health project... so it's au revoir pour maitnent!

~ r

Sunday, August 3, 2008

on second thought...

perhaps not. colbert isn't on today, i forgot. oops again!
en lieu of that, here's my favorite fall marc by marc look... j'adore the dress, but the feathered hat is scrumptious!!

now it truly is arrivederci,

~ r

back from the homestead

so nothing much to report from my visit to the underworld - that is, western PA - except at a family picnic, about 15 pothead teens got interviewed by the cops for drinking strong liquor and hotboxing (where then keep the windows up and basically make a pot sauna in their car). real smart, these kids. the rest of us were discussing working at the bank, college, and photography.
i did get to drive about 3 1/2 hours - to my apprehensive delight and the rest of the family's dismay. i only drove through 2 stop signs and one intersection, and only ONCE was i almost crushed by a tanker truck that swerved out in front of me on the highway going 75 mph... in front of a cop. smart move, buddy. i didn't get any tickets, which is good because we're not sure if my permit is legal in other states. oops!
on the way back, i basically designed and slept. very productive. upon our return, i ran 3 miles (woo hoo) and watched sisterhood/pants and princess diaries 2. actually, i'm off to get a dose of colbert - hilarious, truly hilarious. arrivederci!

~ r

Friday, August 1, 2008

just a short stop...

and not baseball (shiver). these cutoffs are so cute, and with the leggings you can work 'em year-round!
ok, now i'm really gone.

~ r

breaking away

from the tedium of life here... and moving to pennsylvania for the weekend. i'll be driving some of the way, so look out for a green villager headed south on I-96 in an hour.
i won't be able to post from PA, so it's ciao until sunday!

~ r